This Plumber's Truck Decal Is Genius & More Incredible Links

This Plumber's Truck Decal Is Genius & More Incredible Links

This plumber’s truck has the most genius decal ever. [Laughing Squid]

T-shirt messages that got lost in translation. I don’t know, “I feel happiness when I eat a potato” makes total sense to me! [Pleated-Jeans]

If the Daily Mail wrote about Disney Princesses… [Buzzfeed]

An artist puts a dress in the dead sea and leaves is there for like two years this is the result I am shocked and appalled just kidding but that is pretty cool if you ask me. [Geekologie]

WeRateDogs is not the Twitter account we deserve, but G-D it if it isn’t the Twitter account we need. [Bored Panda]

Say whaaaaa? Meet The Bob Ross Video Game, The Joy of Painting in Fallout 4. [Youtube]

Apparently dogs know when we mean what we say… and when we don’t. [IFLScience]

Speaking of dogs, this one hasn’t stopped smiling since he was rescued. 🙂 [The Dodo]

Men catcall women that end up being their mom in disguise and yes, it is just as entertaining as it sounds. [Little Things]

Someone made a compilation of Jason Statham kicks and oh my god come to mama I need to lie down send help wait no send Jason Statham. [Gizmodo]

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