Creepy Doll Headed Street Monkeys of Jakarta

Creepy Doll Headed Street Monkeys of Jakarta

As if dolls weren’t creepy enough on their own, people in Jakarta Indonesia make monkeys beg for money while wearing doll head masks. Wearing the doll heads and clothing, the monkeys look like terrifying dolls brought to life—which is basically my biggest fear. Aside from not wanting to support what seems like a cruel practice, I don’t see how people can bring themselves to give them money. The only way I’d give them money would be if I accidentally dropped my wallet while I was running away in terror. These photos were taken by Photographer Perttu Saksa who is clearly a much braver person than I.





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3 thoughts on “Creepy Doll Headed Street Monkeys of Jakarta

  1. vbmcxv

    poor things! im sure they dont like wearing all of that crap. God. what is wrong with people?

  2. vbmcxv

    to answer the question, yes i would scream at someone if i saw these monkeys.

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