In “OMG It’s The Future Yall!” news of the day, a company that goes by the name Modern Meadow is working on a 3D-printer capable of creating artificial raw meat. The project is being manned by father and son team Gabor and Andras Forgacs. I guess a passion for synthetic meat runs in the family! And, unfortunately, so do cankles, which is why I resent my mother. Well, that, and she doesn’t return my calls. What if it was an emergency?! Since 3D-printing is still a pretty new technology in its infancy (daaaw, lil teensy baby technology!), it’s super expensive. So your 3D-printed burger? It’d set you back $300,000. Which is waaahayhayhayyy too much money for one measly burger. I’m just gonna assume that’s including the combo meal and like 150,000 more burgers.

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