There’s a new Facebook application called If I Die which asks all users “What will you leave behind?” Me, I’ll be leaving behind a pile of debt, more pets than my landlord knows about and a corpse that smells of BBQ sauce, torn limb from limb. The app allows you to publish a video/text message to your Facebook page after you die. Just install the app, record your final words, then appoint 3 friends who can confirm your passing. Oh, I found a snag in the system — what if you only have three friends on Facebook and one of them is a profile you created for your Alpha dog? Lord knows when I finally croak, Chloe’s going to be waaaay too busy feasting on my flesh to log-in and approve my death. She’s not so much selfish as she is an opportunist. And I respect that, which is exactly why I keep a few packets of BBQ sauce in each of my pockets as a final gift to Mommy’s Angel. I love you baby girl!!

Thanks to The Slaya for the tip. He doesn’t have to worry about dying anytime soon because he’s just like a cat — hates taking a bath got 9 lives.

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