The year was 1989. Ghostbusters 2 and The Little Mermaid were in theaters. My first ever handheld device,The Nintendo Game Boy, just came out. Billy Joel assured us that We Didn’t Start the Fire. Um, and I think there was something about a wall in Berlin maybe? (What do you want from me? I was in kindergarten at the time.) Sometimes I miss those times (well, everything but the side ponytails) and wish I could go back. Now I can, thanks to YouTube Time Machine. The website lets you pick any year between now and 1860 and delivers YouTube videos related to that year. You can narrow the videos down to specific categories and watch nothing but old commercials from 1957 if you want. Want to get all nostalgic on your iPhone? No problem—just grab the YTTM app.

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  1. Mike Kurz

    wait… 1860? I really want to know what movies they were watching during the Civil War.