Since the internet isn’t a physical place you can visit (we all know that it’s a series of tubes) it only makes sense that The Big Internet Museum would be virtual as well. It contains “wings” just like any other museum, dividing up information into categories like Social Media and Gaming. You can visit the museum for free any time—well, any time you have internet access—and learn about the history of the internet throughout the decades. At first that seems like a goofy idea until you realize that the internet has been around for decades and actually has a pretty rich history. Plus there are kids out there who’ve never heard of Geocities and think America Online is just a free mail-order coaster subscription. They need to learn about how we suffered through dial-up connections and horrible webpages covered in animated gifs and glitter graphics! Visit The Big Internet Museum to learn about (or brush up on) topics like the first piece of spam ever sent, old relics like Friendster, and newer trends like Nyan Cat.

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