Unless you took advantage of Ivan Cash’s temporary offer to snail mail your emails then you probably don’t have very many physical letters. Sure email is convenient, but going through your inbox with the grand-kids one day just doesn’t sound as sentimental as sharing real letters. But before you bust out the stationary and start writing out links to funny cat videos by hand from now on, check out Memeoirs. (That’s MEME-oirs. Get it?) Memeoirs turn your emails into a real, physical book that you can hold in your hands. It works with Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Aim. Just point Memeoirs to a specific folder (so you can filter out your subscription to the Adult Toy Shoppe newsletter), upload a cover image and let them bookify your emails.

It’s a great idea for people who write well constructed and thoughtful emails, but I’ll probably pass since most of my emails look like this: “Hey, could u plz have dinner reddy at 6? Kthnx. LUVU!!1”

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