Sex video website PornHub has released some maps, charts, and graphs detailing the world’s pr0n trends of 2013. It’s pretty insightful! Like, people watch nudie vids most in January and least in August. In the US, Monday is the most popular day for self love, Thursday is the least. While the rest of the world does stuff like CELEBRATE SANTA and SPEND TIME WITH THEIR FAMILIES, people in Japan perv out harder than ever! The one thing we did not learn is, how do the numbers compare to last year? No offense, PornHub, but I’d like to think the numbers have declined a bit. I’m an optimist! Because that might mean we’re all actually doing IRL sexy times with another human. Then again, it would probably just mean that since last year, we’d discoverd better, krinkier pr0n sites that suit our needs freaky fetishes.









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