Redditor RubberDogTurds uploaded these screen caps from her Facebook profile. As you can see she’s TOTAL PRO STATUS when it comes to incorporating her profile picture into her background photo. Pretty cool! Unfortunately, I don’t have the skills or creativity to pull this off so I’m just gonna stick with what I got: the Simpson-ized version of me as the profile picture with an inspiration quote as my background photo. It reads: Every pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard and believe in yourself. *wipes tear from eye* Words to live by.























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  1. david lee


  2. funny stuff

    OMG this is the best! I want to do something like it immediately 🙂

  3. CalTek

    Always thought of doing something like that when they first came out with the new layout but never bothered. This may change that. Nicely done.

  4. KG


  5. Graham

    Well, I though I had done some cool things but this gives me a little more of a challenge.

  6. Daniel

    What its the name of the pc game , that the girl use in the last pic

  7. Daniel

    Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Jes1

    Altered Beast – for Sega Systems

  9. Jes1

    Tried this a few times, but fb doesn’t make it easy for me to move the profile pic in the right position.

  10. belafonte

    all 10 of your comments are mean and pretentious…Asshole.

  11. Archon Crypt

    Its awesomeeeee !!! Loved the concept <3 <3 <3

  12. Magus MaGoose

    kinda like your profile pic?

  13. KG

    Or realist … sensitive twat

  14. KG

    Are you inbred?

  15. Magus MaGoose

    Sorry KG, no. I know this ruins our chances at true love, but no.

  16. CHRISTeL::❤'s::YOU!

    OMG I love it!!! I loved loved loved the Breaking Bad one!!! This girl must be a blast to hang around & talk to!

  17. CHRISTeL::❤'s::YOU!

    Yeah ignore people like that, they will always be seeking attention from internet users simply bc in real life they suck and have no life….there a dime a dozen, and giving them attention makes them feel IMPORTANT!!!

  18. yo mama

    photo shop

  19. yo mama


  20. highspacefox .

    yeah but your pic is so cool!
    get some creativity, meditate, it’s mental masturbation!

  21. highspacefox .

    inspiring and fun!
    cool share mates, cool

  22. kangi

    I like the one with the ‘Rick and Morty’ scene

  23. KK

    so much free time.. must be nice.

  24. Sarcastator


  25. Jack

    There’s no such thing as a realist, you stupid fuck.

  26. KG

    Yes, there is, you dumb inbred dickhead. Why do you think your spell checker didn’t correct it while you were hammering your shitty post in with your fat inbred fingers?

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