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Swearing : communication :: sprinkles : a sundae. At least that’s what I always say! And when I say something I f***ing mean it. This map shows each of the United States’ level of swearing. It’s on a scale from Goody Two Shoes to Sailors. Personally I think it should’ve been on a scale from Dag Nab It to @$$#** %$#^@%&! But that’s just me and I have had my mouth washed out with soap so many times, I will forever burp bubbles. That’s what you get for censoring me! The map was put together by The Marchex Institute who used data from phone calls people made to businesses. You know, the calls that warn “This Call May Be Recorded for Quality Assurance Purposes.” Well, that’s misleading. I wonder if they count the curses during the actual phone call or while I’m waiting on hold for twenty five f***ing minutes?!?! Ha! Haha. BRB, gonna go take my blood pressure medication.


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  1. heywood jaquitit

    Congrats to MD and LA for making top 5 most likely to curse *and* top 5 most courteous. “F**k you very much”