Every year Concurso de Feos or Ugly Competition is held at the ste Nagusia fiestas in Bilbao, Spain. There… are some seriously ugly faces here. It’s no so much that I’m going to have nightmares as it is that I’m gonna regret punching a hole through my monitor. That one kid… Man. That’s a face only a mother could accurately describe to him why random strangers want to put a fist through his ugly head. Oh, is that rude? Well, if it’s any consolation to any of my fellow Fuglies out there, my visage is so repulsively hideous, it’ll make your retinas burn if you stare too long. Even without pulling a face! So… thanks for reminding me, I guess. Oh god, I’m a monster!

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  1. ted

    anybody else find #4 hot?

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