Redditor DoubleDickDude (not to be confused with the arguably less interesting SingleVagGirl) does in fact, as his username suggests, have 2 penises. He created an AMA post to answer everyone’s burning questions. He also includes some pictures of his equipment to prove that he is who he says he is. The rare condition is known as Diphallia and according to DoubleDickDude both penises work just fine.

Some highlights of the AMA include:

Q: Do you hang to the left, right or…..?
A: yes. 😉

Q: Did you have any nicknames in Highschool?
Johnson & Johnson seems like a pretty good one.
A: A buddy nicked name me Double D.

Q: Do you twist your hips back and forth to try and get your penises to clap together?
A: they slap but not clap. lol

Check out the AMA on reddit to read more questions and answers.

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