The internet is losing their shi-shi over Tonik, a dog with a creepily human-esque face. WTF Mother Nature? She was either bored, decided to shake things up, and slapped a people-mug on a K-9, or she was drunk and got sloppy. Or both. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were both. That Mother Nature, man, she be all kinds of cray cray! At least 31 different kinds, in fact. Wait, no — that’s how many flavors of ice cream they offer at Baskin Robbins. Whatever! You get the point. Tonik is currently at the Homeward Bound Animal Welfare Group in Indiana waiting to be adopted. So if you’re on the market for a people-faced dog, you are in luck! Go scoop up that pup and give him a good home, you strange, strange human being.

Thanks to E for the tip. Her dog doesn’t have a human-face, but he does have a human-name.


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  1. Joel

    That is really disturbing….and for some reason reminds me of the hunger games.

  2. QuirkyMissKiwi

    Awww 😀

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