“Masturbation is a gateway drug to rape.” Uhhhh… [Schlecky Silberstein]

This lady looks like a 50s house wife but makes morbidly kooky treats. [Buzzfeed]

A guy is using Kickstarter to raise money to make potato salad. [Foodbeast]

500 years of female portraits in 3 minutes. Suh mesmerizing. [Goodnet]

Mmm, World Cup-themed hot dogs. [Design Taxi]

The. Worst. Parallel. Parker. Ever. GAHHH! [Youtube]

An anus-themed hotel exists in Belgium. But y? [VICE]

My 3 favorite things in one: Mountain Dew, Doritos, Cupcakes. [UPROXX]


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  1. Cosme Fulanito

    this for sure will NOT create mental trauma and will NOT create sick adults full of repression and potential agressive feelings, that could express as violent behavior. Great solution!! (sarcasm-meter exploded I think!)

  2. Jutilda

    Child abuse. That is some kind of messed up.

  3. M.K.

    Is there any connection between this device and people interested in Bondage? Self-rape solved, but what of the rape by others?

  4. quynh

    lmfaoooo this society is screwed