Now you can rent a replica of the DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future. This one isn’t the actual DeLorean that appears in the films, but it’s been made to look just like it. It’s got little gadgets that are animated, light up, and make sound. Not only that, but the rental includes other Back To The Future stuff like a hoverboard, future glasses, protective radiation gear, and a 1985 JVC video camera. Well that seems cool! And totally worth the $1500 daily price tag. Unless you consider the fact that it is NOT actually a time machine. I mean it’s still cool, but for $1500? I better be able to take that sucker up to 88 MPH and fix some serious mistakes. Otherwise? No deal! Sorry, but Mama’s got bills to pay.


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  1. Neontron

    What a great idea! A little steep at $1500 a day however if you can go back in time, totally worth it!

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