A fisherman based out of Boston caught this super rare half orange, half black lobster. The crustacean named Pinchy is currently kickin’ it at the Boston Aquarium. Split lobsters like Pinchy often show sexual characteristics of both genders. Damn Mother Nature, you all kinds of krinky! The odds of this kinda thing happening is 1 out of 50 to 100 million. So not very often. I guess this means split lobster is won’t gonna be on the menu at Red Lobster anytime soon? That’s a damn shame because Pinchy over here looks like she’d taste reeeaaaaal good dipped in some melted butter with some cheddar biscuits on the side. What? I just calls em as I sees em.

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  1. meg

    This picture is a half coocking lobster and a hoax.

  2. Brittany High

    Actually Meg, as crazy as it is, Pinchy is real. Here’s a link to a video of the split lobster: http://youtu.be/wjGlaQFLt2o

    She’s alive! And if you gotta see it to believe it, head up to the New England Aquarium where Pinchy is on exhibit.

  3. Jdsmsa

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