Pumpkin spice latte beer. It was only a matter of time. [Tasting Table]

Look at these vintage fast food commercials lol the olden times were funny. [Foodbeast]

A real life Transformer BMW. Forget olden times, it’s the future! [Geekologie]

Oh jeeze — a Vader Simon because Star Wars everything please someone tell me when will it end? [io9]

This tortoise’s super active sex life brought his species back from extinction. [Phys]

A man forges boarding passes and lives in the airport for 18 days. Who would want to live in the airport? That sounds like a nightmare. [Atlas Obscura]

Speaking of choices that make absolutely no sense at all, one billionaire’s son bought his dog eight iPhone 7s. [Gizmodo]

Lord of the Rings-inspired marijuana products because toking up with Tolkien and whatever. [Leafly]

A collection of over 3,700 found grocery lists. Turns out, everyone has terrible handwriting and can’t spell. [7Deadly]

The lewdest town names of each state. LOL @ Pee Pee Township. [Thrillist]

You’ve got to see this collection of hilarious tattoo face swaps. [Pleated-Jeans]

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