Pokémon Go? More like Pokémon No! I hate myself for saying that and I fully understand why you would too but don’t expect me to go easy on you in the future when you say something stupid. Deal? Okay, back to business — PokeGone is a Chrome extension that bans Pokémon content from appearing before your precious eyeballs. Perfect for those who are SICK and TIRED of all this Pookieman NONSENSE. What next, are you gonna tell us all to get off your lawn? Because that would actually be totally acceptable. You would be completely in the right.

Find a link to the extension HERE and enjoy your Pokémon-free web browsing.

Thanks to my best pal, Dyl, for sending in the tip. He installed the extension and now his feed is completely empty.

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  1. Cat of Many Faces

    do they make an extension like this that blocks sports?

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