Do you collect cats like some people collect rare coins? Do those little bean toes just make your face melt off due to their indescribable cuteness? Do you just wish you could hug every cat in the world? Then you should probably seek help. But in the meantime, check out these Pinterest boards for Crazy Cat Ladies.

Even if you’re not a crazy cat lady, everyone loves kittens. Even grown ass men couldn’t help but smile at the Kittens Kittens Kittens board. And if you’re a little girl like me you’ll probably squeal, so warn the people around you before you look.

The Cats With Hats board ups the crazy factor a bit because you have to be kind of nuts to love cats wearing clothes. (And if loving cats in little costumes is crazy then I don’t wan’t to be sane.)

You can always spot a cat lady by that smell her decor and fashion accessories. True cat ladies love cat products like the ones featured in Cute Cat Things I Love.

You can’t surf the internet without running into some lolcats. (Seriously, I think that’s a law or something.) Check out the Cat Humor board for your daily fix of captioned cats.

If photos of cats aren’t enough for you, how about paintings and drawings? The Cat Art board features a ton of cat inspired artwork. Remember folks, owning cat paintings is kinda like owning cats. One or 2 in your home is cool, but when you get into the double digits it’s time to stop.

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