has released the baby naming trends for 2013. The results reveal that out of the 500,000 parents surveyed, 9 named their kid Cheese. Yes, Cheese. As in cheese. If you peep the graph below, you’ll see that this is a 450 percent increase of Cheeses from past years. As in, people have been naming their kids Cheese. There are Cheeses among us! SMDH. Seriously, parents? Are you unaware of how difficult middle school is? Even with a regular name? Because kids are RUTHLESS. I don’t even think about the kinda terrible stuff they’d say to a child whose name is Cheese. And I love cheese as much as the next person more than anyone ever, but I would not name my kid after it. Pizza, absolutely. Are you kidding me? Pizza is gonna be the most popular kid in school. No wait — IN LIFE!


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Via: NY Mag

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