NPR surveyed online readers asking which is their favorite pie to eat at Thanksgiving. CouponCabin brings us the results shown in a pie chart. It’s a pie pie chart. I know, INCEPTION. No, wait. Pieception? Inpietion? I would love to be inside a pie aside, clearly the participants have chosen the wrong Thanksgiving pie. I know picking apple pie is like, the American thing to do or whatever, but seriously? It’s Thanksgiving! That means pumpkin. The leftover Jack-O-Lantern that’s been sitting on my front stoop since before Halloween has got to go somewhere! All you do is dump the rotting corpse of a gourd into a pie crust, pop it in the oven for however long you feel like and make your way over to the Thanksgiving feast. Next, everyone gets real sick and no one knows why, but we all feel closer after being crippled by the effects of extreme food poisoning. You know what they say: “A family who gets pukey together, someone needs to hold gramma’s hair back.”

Click HERE for the high-res version.

Thanks to my friend Elie (yeah, I know, I didn’t think I had any either!). That dude knows what I like: PIE.


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