NOTE: I say ‘bum bum’ because I’m 4 years old. Also, excuse typos for the same reason.

Jesus has been known to appear in some pretty unorthodox (religion joke!) places, like in the bark of a tree, a frying pan or delicious Cheeto, and even in a damn blessed grilled cheese sandwich. J-C has been spotted once again… in this dog’s B-U-T-T. Homeboy is wearing his signature robe and everything! Now before you say this Dog is sacrilegious, just remember God made him this way. Also, he’s a dog so he can’t really be held accountable. Me? I can’t be held accountable either! Not for my actions OR my butt, just so we’re clear. I was raised by coyotes! Sure, that doesn’t really have to do with what we’re talking about right now, but it does explain why I run around at night, howling at the moon. Awoooooooo! See? It makes complete sense now, doesn’t it?


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