Despite what you may have heard, Pinterest isn’t just for fashion bloggers and foodies—geeks and gamers use it too. And because Pinterest is all about getting specific, we were able to find some really unique video game related boards that focus on gamer food, fashion, crafts and art.

Everyone loves cake and every gamer loves Mario, so the two make perfect sense together. Hooked on the Brothers is a board devoted to showing off amazing Super Mario Brothers cake creations.

Showing off your love of gaming doesn’t have to begin and end with a graphic tee. There are tons of amazing video game fashion accessories and you’ll find lots of examples in the Gamer Fashion board.

While gaming can be a pretty demanding hobby, gamers still manage to find time to get crafty. The Gamer Crafts board features prints, costumes, toys and other fun homemade video game gear.

Gaming has definitely had an impact on art over the past few decades. Gamer Art features incredible artwork by professionals and fans alike.

If you enjoyed these boards, check out Incredible Things on Pinterest.

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