We bring you all kinds of incredible things daily, but we find even more cool stuff that doesn’t make it to the homepage. Pinterest is one of our favorite places to find bizarre products and things that make us ask “WTF?” If you know where to look, it’s got a lot more to offer than recipes and wedding planning stuff. Here are some of our favorite Pinterest boards. If you like Incredible Things, it’s safe to say that you’ll like these boards.

Whether we’re talking about shoes that look like food or furniture that looks like toys, we love Things That Look Like Other Things.

Curated by Diana Adams of Bit Rebels, The WTF Of The Day contains weird and wacky stuff that even the most jaded netizens will find odd.

Nerds by George Takei features funny, cool, and awesome pins relating to geek culture… which of course includes a decent amount of Star Trek stuff.

We’ve featured our share of geeky apparel, but we can’t cover it all. You’ll find even more geeky fashion and gear on the Geek Fashion & Accessories board.

There two kinda kinds of weird: WTF weird and Weird But Cool. This board features the latter.

If you enjoyed these boards, check out Incredible Things on Pinterest.

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  1. addy210

    the nerd one rocks. Pinterest is also good for workout quotes. my friend from DC showed me this one: https://pinterest.com/fusepilates/. A cool way to keep motivated. Thanks for the interesting read!