Cop Selfies is a new Tumblr blog that features pictures of — you guessed it! Cop selfies. It is really something. I’m just gonna leave it up to you to decide what that something is. My mind can’t make sense of it. It just keeps wondering things like: don’t these uniformed cops have anything to do other than snapping a new profile pic? I mean, aren’t they supposed to be, I dunno, serving and protecting? Or at the very least hitting up the donut shop for some coffee? Haha! I bet you guys thought I was gonna say donuts, didn’t you? Well, I won’t say that — I don’t subscribe to stereotypes! But also because I kinda figured that was implied.




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  1. hwy505

    Yeah – 24.7 without a second to breathe – always serving and protecting. Lady, get a grip! It’s a job – get a life – you’re going to actually post this shit?

  2. Thor Ng

    Who cares, these cops are proud that they are serving to protect.. what gives the trolling of good people just trying to do the same thing others are doing.. which is being human… stop being hater and do something other than being a loser.