This is an illustrated series by Tumblr-er Publius-Esquire featuring our Founding Fathers posing as pin-ups. Who knew James Madison was such a little seductress! Uh… seductor? And George Washington? All I have to say about that is: dat azz sass. No, really, he’s slinging all kinds of sass in that pic. His ass? His ass could use some work. Try some squats, you’ll thank me later. I think the real question here is What would our Founding Fathers think if they saw these images? Why isn’t Benjamin Franklin wearing shoes? Did they just forget to draw him some damn shoes? Was it an artistic choice? Did Benjamin Franklin NOT wear shoes? All these questions and more will be rolling around in my head for the rest of the day.






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  4. RainfaII

    This wins the internet. I need T-shirts.

  5. Letthemeatcake

    Very sad. Talented artists painted these men and these men could write. Now, we have someone who does computer generated clip art that does not come close to resembling any of these men or what they stood for and I doubt this person has ever read any of the writings of our founding fathers or could pass an early American history test. Forget having an ounce of their character or caliber.