Twitter-er @FacesPics posts photos of stuff that’s hiding some funny faces. There’s the roof looking suspicious, a foamy frog, a mop who’s annoyed at the very sight of you, a shocked and appalled backpack, and more.  Who knew random objects felt so much… emotion? Really makes me reconsider the way I treat things. BRB, gonna go give my fridge a big hug. Okay, back. That took a lot longer than I thought! First I gave the fridge a hug, then I realized, you know, the microwave has done me right. Get over here, old pal! Then I gave the oven a squeeze because it has assisted me in making so very many frozen pizzas. Okay, may or may yes have given it a fat kiss, BUT YOU CAN’T PROVE ANYTHING. Next on the list was the toaster which I unplugged and promptly threw in the trash, because f*** that toaster. Burned my bread every damn time. You’re dead to me!









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  1. Greice Schrödinger

    Scary girl in a bathroom.