If you’re a dude, you know that opening up yet another razor–or worse–a tie, isn’t your idea of an awesome Christmas morning. If you’re shopping for a dude, do him a favor and check out Cool Material’s 2011 Men’s Gift Guide. They make selecting the absolute best gift for the men in your world easy peasy. Seeking out the perfect match for an Audiophile? a Techie? a Chef? a Lush? No problem, Cool Material breaks it down for you, as always. And if you really need someone to hold your hand, you can’t go wrong when adding one of the editor’s picks to your cart.

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  1. Joanna e.

    This site is really really great. I have Avery hard to shop for husband, who isn’t your typical “guy’s guy”. I found two great gifts for him from this site already, and haven’t finished looking. I love that most of what’s listed here is quality items with a complete range of prices. Great site.