What would you do for $5? No, we’re not talking about gross bets or childish dares. Fiverr is a place to post real gigs you’d be willing to do for $5. Because let’s face it, these days budgets are tight and there’s always someone out there willing to do something just a little bit cheaper. Fiverr lets you find experts, writers, artists, musicians, and programmers who post what they’re willing to do for just five bucks. You can even find someone who will make you laugh or send you an adorable video of their puppy for $5.

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  1. Particulier Lenen

    Fiverr is great fun. I don’t think you can make a lot of money with it, but I was several times tempted to use one of the services that they offer: what about the one who wants to play a song on youtube for you?

  2. John

    http://www.Dealerr.com is the european version of fiverr with much more promotional campaigns and special features. Not just a clone.

    “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.”
    Steuart Henderson Britt

  3. Singh

    fiverr.com is a very interesting website. Its innovative and its fun. Its a great business model for the makers of the website, very similar to the million dollar pixel website but better. Many of the sellers are doing well.
    Freelancers can make a mark on this site. Therefore its a launching pad for some.
    I just placed an order and will see how it goes. Most you have to loose is a fiver. If the work is done you can always come back for more.

  4. Internet Biz

    Funny enough, but you know what, put up a strategy and you would not believe how much you can actually make in a month. But then try it out. great post dude. It think a lot more people need the info.


  5. Rohith VR

    Wow! Great post. I will try to visit fiverr one of this day. Hope I could earn extra bucks here also.

  6. Greg

    Personally, I prefer this service: uFavors.com for a variety of reasons.

    For me, to find a good alternative it must be high quality. If you browse some other micro job sites you will see lots of spam and overall low quality work. They are brand new right now, but they only accept high quality services and charge some of the lowest rates on top of that.

    With them, you can even sell anything from $5 – $50 and make even more money. It’s a beautiful site, people should check them out.

    You even get a public personal @username account for people to find you easier than any other site. Isn’t that the point?