Think of all your favorite characters… now imagined them chunkified. [Cargo Collective]

Cowabunga! All the Ninja Turtle pizzas brought to life. [Food Beast]

Bad Parkour is good for laughs. TRUST ME I LOL IRL. [Youtube]

World Cup teams imagined as iconic movie posters. [Behance]

This grampa is probably a better soccer player than you. [How2BeCool]

And this little girl is probably better at kicking ass than you. [ViralViralVideos]

If cooking was like DJing apparently it would be like this. [Youtube]

OMG, a tortilla K-cup machine. Where have you been all my life? [Gizmodo]

Oh great: psychotic Looney Tunes characters. Who needs sleep anyway? [Laughing Squid]

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