You’ve probably already heard the news that Facebook bought Instagram for a billion dollars this week… and you’re probably already working on an angry letter about how they better not make any changes. Sorry to break it to you, but you’re too late—they’ve already ruined it. Luckily all of your old favorite filters will still be there, but they’ve added new ones that are more suitable to Facebook users. The new filters include “Le Swan,” “X-Bro,” and “Reflection” (aka Duckface, bro making a cliche hand gesture, and bathroom mirror shot) and more. Actually, the whole thing is a joke courtesy of Cool Material, but surely whatever changes Facebook makes to Instagram will be equally bad.

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  1. Unknown

    You got me, i was actually busy starting up iTunes for an update..

  2. Jax Armani

    These THREE example are LAME! especially when people are already taking those kinds of pictures. But Facebook will do whatever they want, I just hope they don’t mess with the original filters of Instagram.

    – Jax Armani, Chatterboxx World

  3. Travis Ehrenstrom

    It seems like these were created as a joke, like easter eggs. Was there an official press release on these? I really hope that Facebook created these as joke as part of the instagram merger. I was really bummed when this merger took place because of this exact reason, hoping that Facebook wouldn’t change the content that instagram has created so well!

  4. Travis Ehrenstrom

    HA! Got me too!! I suppose I should read the comments first…

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