No matter how hard we try to escape it, twerking is here to stay. At least until Miley Cyrus starts doing the robot or whatever. Only then will we finally move on. Until then I guess we gotta watch everybody try their hand butt at twerking. This time it’s the Disney Princesses. At least the artist gave the usually stick-thin Princesses some booty to work with. I guess? I like to look at the bright side. I couldn’t help but notice Tiana isn’t in the mix — I like to think she chose not to participate. And can you blame her for wanting to stay far the F away from a bunch of white girls twerking. No. No you cannot.






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Via: Pleated-Jeans


  1. Stevie

    some will like this.. I find it really bizarre and not in keeping with the entire Disney design/theme/perspective.

  2. Crazy Panther

    So…taking a shit in your pants is supposed to be an art concept now?

  3. Twerky Smirkey

    It’s hysterical. This says to ME… What about Disney drawing women the way they do?