The Disney Princesses reimagined as different races is worth a peep. [E! Online]

A Glass Shaped Like A Hand Isn’t Creepy At All! [Shapeways]

The internet’s new hero: a kid eating a banana. [EliteDaily]

A chocolate bar looks like melted crayons, hopefully does not taste like, tho. [Foodiggity]

LOL, the absolute best reason ever to get written up at work. [Jezebel]

The first billboard on the moon will advertise a powdered sports drink. Okay? [The Verge]

Artists makes faces out of local restaurants’ food. Ooh, do Applebees next! [LaughingSquid]

Cool cakes that, when cut open, reveal a surprise image inside. [Daily Mail]

Law & Order meets Game of Thrones and now I am dead. [Youtube]

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