Lorem ipsum has long been the standard random text generator for publishers, who use it to get a feel for the look of lay-out, graphics, font, etc. before any actual words are written. Recently many other variations have emerged, including Hipster, Vegan, Samuel L. Jackson… and now there’s the Cupcake Ipsum. Just enter the length of text you need and boom! Enough sweet words to rot all your damn teeth out. I gave it a go and this is the result:

Cupcake ipsum dolor sit amet soufflé chocolate chupa chups pie. Chocolate cake cotton candy pastry jujubes lemon drops jelly pie. Sweet pastry gummi bears. Ice cream I love lemon drops ice cream I love. Wafer sesame snaps brownie tart pie candy cupcake. Powder dragée sugar plum gingerbread I love marshmallow biscuit dessert.

That…sounds as nonsensical as my writing style. Let me try!

Chilli cheese fries I love ketchup packets. Six burrito supreme nacho cheese taco bell toot toot. Second lunch popcorn shrimp red lobster hush puppies. Eat feelings. I love ice cream sundae bacon ranch dressing. Chocolate syrup candy corn fried chicken apple sauce peanuts. Sugar snaps I love cake batter no fruit. Ravioli chicken tertrazini hummus fancy feast.

Soooo, ipsum? Did I get the job?

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