These photos mean chipmunks are gonna be in the new movie, right? [Flickr]

But we can be sure that Rejected Disney Princesses won’t make the cast. [Tumblr]

$5 cosplay will impress & inspire you. Or not! Totally up to you! [Geekologie]

This swimsuit is all kinds of WTF. [Schlecky Silberstein]

Annnd this underwear is too. [Buzzfeed]

But chopsticks made of rice is kind of genius! [Gizmodo]

However, paying to find a mate who looks like your ex is sad. [CNET]

Wash away the tears with Ben & Jerry’s new SNL-inspired flavors. [UPROXX]

Drown your sorrows with Weed Vodka. [7Deadly]

And be glad you’re not this guy who got a smartphone stuck in his mouth. [Metro]

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