It’s kind of hard to know what’s real and what’s fake on any normal day on the internet, so April Fools’ day is pretty tricky. Actually, it’s not that tricky if you just assume that everything you see is fake. That also goes for normal days… because the internet is full of a bunch of liars. Even so, here are some of our favorite April Fool’s day pranks we’ve come across today.


Hulu Promotes Itchy and Scratchy and Other Fake Titles

If you head over to Hulu today you’ll see promos for spoof TV shows like the Itchy and Scratchy show and Inspector Spacetime. If you click on one of the promos you can watch clips from the shows—but of course not until after you watch a real ad because it’s still Hulu.

YouTube: The Contest is Over

According to this video, YouTube has only been a giant contest for the greatest video ever and it’s finally over. Tonight, YouTube will no longer be accepting submissions and they’re going to spend the next decade picking a winner. The video features tons of YouTube stars like Antoine Dodson, the “Charlie Bit Me” kid and Obama Girl. (I personally vote for Harlem Shake – version Banana.)


The Chive North Korean Takeover

The Chive, normally known for pictures of boobs and funny stuff, has been taken over by North Korea. The site is covered with photos of dictators and articles with titles like, “Our beloved Dear Leader, Kim Jong-il, is gone, but glorious facts about him will live forever (10 Photos)” and “Daily Morning Everything is Glorious All the Time (30 Photos & Video).”


UncommonGoods Becomes UncommonCats

One of our favorite sites for finding unique gifts, UncommonGoods, has changed their direction a bit. The new site, UncommonCats replaces categories like “For Men,” and “For Dogs” with “For Toms” and “For the Enemy.” Also, don’t forget to sign up for their CATalog!


Google Nose

If anyone’s going to be able to create the technology to smell search results, it’s Google right? Don’t miss their other new service, AdScent.


Aliens Chestburster in a Can and More from ThinkGeek

If you’re a regular ThinkGeek shopper than you already know the deal with their April Fool’s day pranks. The coolest thing about these fake items that is that many of them eventually become real things you can buy.


DeviantArt Launches Dating Site for Artists

Considering that there are dating sites specifically for Trekkies and Sea Captains, a dating site for Artists doesn’t sound that unusual really.


Vimeo Becomes Vimeow

Vimeo is typically known to be a bit more sophisticated and highbrow than YouTube, so you certainly wouldn’t expect to see random cat videos there. But after realizing that cat videos are not just a trend, they’ve decided to change their stripes and become Vimeow.

Google Treasure Maps

Google created a treasure maps mode to help decipher some Pirate map they found—man, I don’t know—that premise is shaky. But this video is pretty funny and the mode in Google Maps is awesome to look at. (Just go to Google Maps and hit the Treasure button.)


Netflix Adds Even Weirder Categories

Netflix has some oddly specific categories sometimes like “Supernatural Thrillers with a strong female lead.” But today they’ve rolled out some even weirder ones like “Movies Starring Fruits, Vegetables and Fungi” and “Movies Featuring an Epic Nicolas Cage Meltdown.”

Gmail Blue

I can’t believe I waited this long for this!


Thrillist’s Newest Editor is a Horse

…for some reason. Check out all articles by A Horse.

So what’s your favorite April Fool’s day prank online? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. Marvinator

    My favorite April Fools prank was Redbox’s new line of Lunchmeats served one slice at a time!

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