Not sure if hilarious or creepy: Animal face swaps. [Pleated-Jeans]

If food could talk, here’s what it’d say. Surprisingly not just “Eat me!” [How2BeCool]

The United States of weird Google searches. ‘MERICA! [Geekologie]

Frostie the tiny happy baby goat in a wheelchair. BRB screaming into a pillow. [Jezebel]

Pretty watercolor paintings of superheroes. Suh pretteh, suh badass. [22 Words]

Speaking of pretty/badass stuff: stained glass superheroes. [RocketNews24]

Tee hee! Campbell’s soup cans in teh nude. NSFL. [Lost at E Minor]

PSY got nothing on this dancing baby. I’m talkin’ zero things! [Elite Daily]

A compilation of every Nicolas Cage laugh is why I can’t sleep at night. [Gizmodo]

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  1. Jon

    Seriously screw reddit and their cancerous memes

  2. Gaston

    Yeah reddit needs to the go the way of digg now!!

    Long live TUMBLR!!