Do you get the shakes whenever you’ve gone too long without seeing Lolcats? Does your heart start racing when you realize it’s been hours since your last Facebook status? Do you break out in a sweat whenever you see the phrase “Secured Wireless Connection” and you don’t have a password? My friend, you’re an internet addict. No worries though, a hospital in Pennsylvania has created a 10 day inpatient program designed to treat internet addiction. The program costs $14,000 and is not covered by insurance, because, come on. If you want to cut yourself off from the internet, just spend 10 days in my living room—I can never get a damn signal there. I’ll only charge you $100 and you can watch all the TV you want… as long as it’s Cartoon Network.

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  1. Hernani Botelho

    I spend all day on the internet every day and when I don’t I literally get sick like a fever