Ever wonder how to properly engage in cybersex? Me too. It’s a mystery! Fortunately the dudes who head the Found Footage Festival came across a VHS from 1997 called “How To Have Cybersex On The Internet.” Unfortunately, this is just a clip of it, so we don’t have all the answers.

Step 1: State you are v. horny and looking for good cybersex. Note: GOOD cybersex. Ain’t nobody want some depressing-ass mediocre cybersex!

Step 2: At some point take your top off. But not your mom jeans.

Step 3: Wait for a response. Hopefully you’ll get a solid “yessssssss.”

Step 4: ?????? I don’t know! That’s where the clip ends.

To see the whole thing you’ll have to attend the Found Footage Film Festival in New York.  In the meantime, I guess just wing it? No, on second thought, don’t risk it. You don’t wanna embarrass yourself on the internet! There’s no coming back after that.

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  1. Jerry Colon

    easy enough
    talk and touch and then go for it.flop flop flop–rub finger rub finger AHHHHH!