This is the CIROC x G-Shock Breathalyzer Watch. It doesn’t just tell time, it also doubles as a breathalyzer. Seems unnessary. You don’t even really need a watch to tell you that you’re drunk. It’s just simple math! Ex: pregaming at home plus knocking back dranks at the bar for 6 hours times an empty stomach minus a street vendor hot dog equals — well, let’s see here, carry the one annnd yep! If I’ve done my math correctly that should equal I’m obliterated! You don’t need a silly watch to tell you that you shouldn’t be driving. Now I know what you’re thinking and you’re right, I’m starting to make too much sense. It’s almost like I’m sober or something! Can you imagine? Man, that would be crazy.

UPDATE: Turns out, the CIROC x G-Shock Breathalyzer Watch was alllllllllllll just a joke. OH, GOOD ONE!

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