There cannot be a more subtle reason to transfer your phone system to cloud than the expenses that you assume. The telephone lines of your business need not be expensive as you think of it. Moreover, it is not required for it to be inaccessible as it seems.


There are a slew of varieties to choose from but you need one that can yield maximum benefit out of your virtual PBX system.


What’s good about the virtual PBX system is that they cost very less than the On-premise PBX system. Moreover, they are comparatively easy to operate and do most of the work automatically. It can automate most of the work that requires an IT department.


This guide will be a handbook for all the peeps out there that are looking to understand how they work.


What exactly is VoIP?


It stands for voice over internet protocol but you are obviously not here just for a full form. Therefore here is a detailed explanation of it:


This is a technology that is put into utilization when we are required to establish a communication channel by making utilization of the internet as the sole medium for the need for communication. It is also renowned by the name of internet telephony which is serving the major purpose of communication that is to convert the vibrations of the voice in a form which is compressed and is in digital form which are ultimately translated to the packets of data.


In easy words, all you are doing is just making good use of the internet for making the connection which is required for doing and receiving normal phone calls, video calls, and textual messages. There is a still lot more to talk about the VoIP such as the technologies and all but if we started to show our true knowledge about this then even a book will be not sufficient to cover all the data.


Therefore, let us just continue with the next topic that is:


Teaser about hosted PBX


It is a term that is used to denote a full of power system of the phone which makes the proper use of the internet that is made available to you through the internet connection at your place. It differs a lot from those standard telephone services.


An IP PBX is one of the most standardized tools in this category that are put into the sole purpose of transferring the calls from the internet protocol to one of the many PSTNs (public switched telephone networks).


You may consider a virtual PBX as an alternate of that costly IP PBX. Moreover, they cost very less than these old variants in comparison. Moreover, there is not even a single percent of involvement of any hardware equipment. Therefore, they are totally virtualized and are hosted by the provider of this service on a cloud-based server.


Why is it considered as hard to locate the information on a hosted PBX?


If you are a newcomer in this line of business or have just started your own business then you might be hearing about the notorious term “virtual PBX” for the very first time. Otherwise, if you are already a professional player on the ground and are looking extensively for a cost-effective variant to cut the bills or just searching for a user-friendly system then this will be the last source of information that is required by you to decide whether it is a good option for your company or not.


A thing that you might have observed while searching for this device over the internet that almost all the companies who are claiming to explain the general principle of these systems is that they are just trying to sell their products to you. They are putting light to just the things that will help them to sell more of their products.


Let’s give this handbook the necessary breaks that are required for you to know the Virtual PBX systems in a much better way. We will also look at the reasons for this being necessary.


A thing which is noteworthy is that you may come across various terms which are just another name for Virtual PBX systems. You may come across some terms such as “cloud PBX” or “hosted PBX” but you should not scratch your head when you see one. Just remember that they all are the same things.


The major difference between a Virtual PBX and an On-premise PBX


Say it aloud “There is no all-rounder system that will do everything for me”. This is what we always say that no system is going to do all for you and you will always require allotting some of the hours from your busy schedule to choose the one that fits most of the needs of your business.


To let you get a complete picture of these systems we have prepared a chart for the benefits and drawbacks of virtual as well as On-premise PBX systems:


Benefits of a virtual PBX


  • They are manageable in a very easy way
  • They cost comparatively low since there is no involvement of hardware as the requirements
  • There is no need for a specialized IT team for this


Drawbacks of Virtual PBX


  • There are chances that the provider support will not be responsive. However, you will never need him anyway.
  • You might face a service loss if the network of the provider is down for any reason. However, this is very less likely to happen unless there is a state of emergency or some maintenance.
  • With this, you might feel that you have very little control of the complete system. However, this is what you came for i.e. to get most of the things automated.


Things that will be automated


Here are the various timeless things that will be surely automated when you install a Virtual PBN:


  • Voicemail-to-email service
  • Auto attends
  • Phone menus
  • Call queuing, recording, and forwarding
  • Conference bridging




So these were the major reasons to advise you to transfer your phone system to cloud. Feel free to search for any other reference as detailed as this one. That’s all we have for today.

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