Nothing says thank you for carrying me in your womb, pushing me on out, and wiping my butt every day for 3 years like out-sourcing your phone calls to mom. You’re busy. I’m busy. We’re all busy. But too busy to check in with Mom? You’re a rat bastard. #HashTagmom works when you punch in your mother’s phone number and then login to the service with Foursquare (from which it’ll grab your first name, determine whether to call you “Son” or “Daughter”, and monitor your check-ins). From there, any check-ins with the “#mom” hashtag will be relayed to her by text or phone call. As their example, the check-in “Landed! #mom” could dial your poor mom’s digits and relay the message: “Hi! Your Rat Bastard [son/daughter] [Your name here] asked us to let you know he is safely at JFK airport. P.S. What did you do to make him hate you so?” Okay, so I added in that last part because I’m an emotional new mom. Can you blame me?

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