This is a pair of shoes with a built-in GPS navigation system. They were designed by Dominic Wilcox, who dubbed them No Place Like Home. Enter your destination by USB (found in the left heel) using the software provided with the shoes. Activate the system by clicking your heels together and the LED lights on the toe of each shoe will guide the way. Ole lefty gives direction of where to head, while righty indicates how much of your trip is left. Well I’ll be damned — I came up with something eerily similar in my drunken genius after one too many nights passed out in a ditch because I lost my way home. And now someone’s gone and made it for real! Sure, this pair is just a prototype, but seriously? I would’ve never got that far. All I ever did were a few drawings that looked more or less like a shoe with the words “me want to go home now” scribbled on top.

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