In our quest for the most obnoxious iPhone case ever we’ve come across a case that look like a lobster, cases made of dentures, and even cases that spray mace. Despite being unique and noticeable cases, nothing quite stood out enough. I mean sure, you’d spot a guy talking into a giant ear from across the street, but you wouldn’t see it blocks away at night. These VanD flashing iPhone cases have LED lights that flash every time you get a call or an alert. Then you can poll your friends on what’s more obnoxious: bright flashing lights or a 30 second audio file of a baby laughing at fart noises EVERY TIME you get a text.



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Via: Oh Gizmo!


  1. sp

    If they made them for S3 I would buy all of those.

  2. Kera Rivera

    If they made it for the samsung galaxy note 3

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