When it comes down to it, we all love to marvel at the world’s smallest blanks, but they’re generally not that practical. That’s why we doubt we’ll ever find ourselves snapping pics with the world’s smallest camera, keeping fish in the world’s smallest aquarium, or shooting targets with the world’s smallest revolver. But the world’s smallest cell phone might make sense… assuming you don’t need to play Angry Birds, browse the internet, or do anything other than make phone calls. Actually, okay this is probably just as useless as those other things. Still, Japanese company Wilcom thinks the tiny new Strap 2 phone will be a big hit… presumably among people who like working gadgets that look like doll toys from the early 2000’s. Available in white, black and pink, the phone features a one-inch display and an antenna. It will be available in Japan for $380.



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  1. Stefan

    This does not sound like a great idea. Nowadays with iPhone, Windows Phone and Android pushing the limit in bigger sizes, this tiny phone seems more like a cruel joke. I think you would probably need a stylus to use, which in turn destroys the whole concept of having just one tiny gadget. However, I could see this as a useful device for those minimalists that also like the tiny, almost weightless mp3 players when working out. What do you think?

  2. Jim Bokingo-Clavaton Neutron

    I would like to have one.

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