In the morning rush to get out the door to work, no one really has the time to stop and figure out what to wear. I, for one, have far more pressing matters to consider, like what should I eat for breakfast? Wait. Where am I? Whose blood is this? Also, most people aren’t any good at picking out a decent outfit. I can never decide what best matches my favorite Tweety Bird tee. Is it the black or the gray sweatpants?! It plagues me. Enter the Snappy Dresser, designed by Nelly Trakidou. The device considers all the pieces in your wardrobe and suggests outfits based on your feedback, the occasion and previous selections. Fortunately, it keeps track of which clothes are in the laundry, so it won’t suggest something that you’ve been wearing for the past three days straight. What? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it stained, don’t change it. Plus, I like my smell.

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