Every good stalker knows that it can be tough to get the perfect shot of your vict…I mean subject…without being noticed. The problem is that you have to lean around that corner you’re hiding behind, or peek your head up over the windowsill to make sure the shot is lined up. When you do those things, you make it extremely easy for your subject to spot you. The Snake Scope Flexible Spy Cam makes it easy to stay out of sight while keeping your target in frame. Just connect the USB cable to your laptop and you’ll be able to see everything the camera sees. Want to snap a quick picture? Just click the button on the handle and you’ll save a still image. As an added bonus, the flexible neck makes it possible to get this camera into some tight places. Just remember, they can still hear you, so laughing maniacally is probably a bad idea.

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  1. Brian

    Can this tool plug into an iPhone?