The manufacturers of this particular product seem to have missed their audience. Sure, it’s great for anyone who works at a computer all day, but the people who will benefit the most from the mouse pad arm rest will undoubtedly be gamers. Sure, comfort is important while working, but let’s be honest, when you’re working at the computer, you take breaks to watch Youtube videos, and read web comics. If you’ve ever been in an intense multiplayer match in a FPS, or gone on a raid with guild-mates in an MMO, you know there’s no time for a break while gaming. That’s where this arm rest comes in. Just attach it to the arm of your chair, or the edge of your desk, and you’ve got a comfortable place to rest your arm while mousing. With a comfortable place to rest my arm while gaming, all I need now is a way to keep from blinking, and I won’t lose as bad as I do now. Just to be clear, I’ll still lose – just not so badly that it’s¬†embarrassing.

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