I can sleep through anything. Cicadas, alarm clocks, car alarms, rock concerts, crying babies, even gun shots (I live in a bad part of town). One time my apartment building burned down to the ground and I had to be carried out by a hunky fire fighter. I slept through the whole ordeal, even when he was forced to administer CPR due to the fact I wasn’t breathing. *Wink!* This is The Little Rooster, an alarm clock vibrator. I was thinking it was for your mouth, but that was before I read the product description. Boy, was I wrong! Now I know — it’s for your lady parts. The device is placed in your underwears (but what if I sleep commando?!) and will vibrate your privates awake at the pre-set time. Hm, that juuust might curb my heavy sleeping ways. But for a hundred bucks a pop?! That’s a little steep. Wanna go halfsies?


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