See that mouse sitting next to your keyboard? That thing is completely obsolete. The new way to mouse around on your computer is the Evomouse. This device connects to your computer via USB or Bluetooth, and it tracks your hand movements to control your mouse pointer. Things like double clicking, right clicking, dragging and dropping, and even going back and forward in your web browser are tied to different finger gestures. This mouse is great, but I have trouble getting past the shape of it. It looks like a tiny dog that’s staring at my fingers, and that kind of wigs me out. I guess that’s a small price to pay for mousing without a mouse.

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  1. Gabe

    Sort of missed the boat when they made it a dog. A cat staring at a mouse, or lack there of would be better.

  2. PinkKitty

    And if you live in Korea, you may eventually be able to purchase this. But they’re not even selling it in the Company’s shop – yet.